Center for Development of Pelagonija region has started with the development of the working Program of the Integrated Network for Regional Development 2015-2017

The Center for development of Pelagonija region has started with the realization of the workshops for the development of the working program of the Integrated network for regional development 2015-2017.

This program will contain collective measures and activities that will contribute for the overall economic development in Pelagonija region. 

Members of the INRD are representatives from the 9 municipalities in Pelagonia region, as well as, members from the public, non-governmental and private sector.

The overall aim of the project for establishing Integrated network is improvement of the existing cooperation between the stakeholders for regional development in Pelagonia region from the different sectors.

The project is technically and financially supported from the Ministry of Local Self Government and the United Nations Program for Development- UNDP.